Sinotrans Limited (referred to as “Sinotrans”) was incorporated on 20 November 2002 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 13 February 2003 with Sinotrans & CSC Group (referred to as “the Group”) as its controlling shareholder. Sinotrans was injected the Group’s core businesses, superior assets and professional staff, and has inherited the Group’s over sixty-years of experience in logistics and transportation, strong customer bases and world-renowned brand. The company has become the flagship of developing integrated logistics in the Group. As of the end of 2013, Sinotrans had 28302 employees, a total asset of RMB29.9 billion, and a net asset of RMB13.4 billion. Sinotrans is a leading global integrated logistics service provider. We integrate ocean freight, air freight, road and rail transport, international express, shipping agency, warehousing and distribution, terminal services etc. to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions and one-stop services and help our customers optimize their material, information and capital flow. We have extensive operational resources, and have been focused on establishing integrated marketing system and standard operation platform. Sinotrans’ network covers all parts of China and five continents of the world. We are dedicated to becoming a leading global integrated logistics service provider preferred by our customers home and abroad. We will meet your expectation with excellent service no matter if your logistics requirement is simple or complex. Furthermore, Sinotrans puts great emphasis on innovation whether it involves the extension of our basic services or the adoption of a wholly-new service pattern. We are eager to share every innovation with our customers and pursue excellence in service to help you achieve sustainable growth.

Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision: To Become the Integrated Logistics Provider of Customer's First Choice. Corporate Mission: Integrated Logistics Global Service.